Precision Cooking for Kitchens

Satis.AI is the full stack AI operating system for kitchens. We use live camera feeds in kitchens to analyse cooking processes and give actionable feedback to staff in real time.

Satis Precision cooking
Satis.AI is a member of Nvidia inception program
Satis.AI is a member of Techstar farm to fork in partnership with ecolab and cargill
TechNation Applied AI highly recommended
Member of Nvidia inception program
Member of Techstar farm to fork in partnership with ecolab and cargill
Highly Commended by TechNation AppliedAI

Three initial offerings by leveraging cameras

Full stack AI operating system for improving profitability of restaurant chains by increasing throughput, reducing inaccurate orders and waste.

Optimise processing and delivery of orders

  • Increase order processing capacity
  • Decrease human errors
  • Decrease wait time for delivery fleet
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“We are working at almost twice the capacity”

Real time metrics for improving kitchen utilisation

  • Increased throughput during peak times
  • Reduced order queues caused by equipment bottlenecks
  • Reduce waste during preparation
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“We increased productivity and reduced mistakes”

Live feed to identify packing mistakes

  • Limit inaccurate order chargebacks to restaurants
  • Less calls to customer support
  • Increased customer satisfaction and loyalty
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“No more unexpected charge back”
Reduction in refunds
Reduction in waste
Increase in Throughput
Extended Functionality Kitchen
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Satis creates a full stack operating system across the kitchen utilising the installed camera ecosystem. We offer a range of extra modules in addition to improving order accuracy. Our system enables better decision making in the kitchen IN REAL TIME

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How we make it happen

One hour installation time, data gathered immediately after, results by week five.

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Who are we

Proven track record of delivering financial and operational benefits through scalable artificial intelligence, backed by industry experts.
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Linkedin Mo Khodadadi
Founder & CEO
Mary Goddard avatar image
Linkedin Lorenzo Loredan
COO: Operations, Partnerships
Nick Green
Linkedin Nick Green
CCO: Commercial and Sales
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Linkedin Venus Rabbani
Experience Design
Khoi Tu
Ex Jamie Oliver group CEO
Neeraj Berry
Neeraj Berry
Founder and Investor in food-tech
Bill McKimm
Chief Commercial Officer myPulse
Paul Haworth
Paul Haworth
Ex-CEO Creams Cafe, PepsiCo alum
Jitesh Halai
Distinguished Engineer at JUST EAT

Fast deployment, no risk.

Try our SaaS in your chain for free for 3 month

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Our mission is to feed the world through our global food system which is more productive, resilient, affordable, sustainable, and healthier. A food system that provides accessible delightful nutrition for everyone while preserving our planet.