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Order Accuracy

Improve Order Accuracy to Reduce Refunds and Loss of Revenue from Customer Churn

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1 out of every 10 orders has an issue

Inaccurate orders caused by packing errors and assembly errors have a negative impact in two ways:

  • Refunds to customers which on average range from 5% to 10%

  • Customers who churn as they are fed up with their order being wrong and switch to another brand

Satis Order Accuracy Module

Helps in real-time the correctness of the items while packing the order.

  • Cameras monitoring food packing

  • Real-time alerting on remaining and incorrect items

  • Dashboard displaying items being packed per order

  • Reduce no. of refunds

  • Reduce loss of revenue from customer churn


Benefits and Impact

The financial benefits are significant. Improving Order Accuracy by 40% saves £100k per store per year as a result of less refunds and improved customer satisfaction.

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