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People Analytics

Solve overstaffing (higher costs) in low periods and understaffing (lost sales/mistakes) in peak periods

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How are we different?

There are plenty of labour optimisation tools widely available to help improve labour efficiency in store. The problem is that none of them are in real time when it matters most.
  • Satis People Analytics module is different. It provides actionable data in real time to assist better deployment of labour resources to improve transactions per labour hour and reduce overall labour costs

Satis People Analytics Module

Provide statistical analysis against utilisation of the staff in the kitchen.
  • Aggregated monitoring of staff utilisation (not individuals)

  • Dashboard to show real-time monitoring

  • Timeline view of over / under utilisation for each location

  • Increase in transactions per labour hour


Benefits and Impact

Satis Real Time Labour Optimisation System should improve efficiencies by 10% - 15% dependant on the current base level. Team members feedback to the system illustrates how valuable they view the Satis labour optimisation system.
  • Reduce labour inefficiencies continuously

  • Energise team members

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