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Mission and Vision 

Finding Inspiration in Every Turn

Satis Mission is to feed the world through our global food system which is more productive, resilient, affordable, sustainable, and healthier. A food system that provides accessible personalised nutrition for everyone while preserving our planet.


Satis Vision is to lead the digitising of food preparation and cooking, converting recipes into data to transform how food is produced

Ham Sandwich
Ham Sandwich

Empowering Humans with Machine Intelligence is building a virtual model of the kitchen by creating an understanding of the operations in real time.


This artificial consciousness interprets the sequence of events as seen by the core vision technology and applies intelligence to decisions and tasks through staff members- augmenting humans with machine intelligence


Meet The Team

You’ve found a team of experts obsessed with four things:
food, people, earth and AI.

We’re proudly fascinated with understanding food, recipes and the full process of putting a delicious food on your table. We believe AI can play a bigger part in both facilitating kitchens to produce great foods and making tummies happier. So we’re invested in making it happen. We love to work with like-minded people that share our ambition.

At the heart of our team is a group of passionate professionals, dedicated to making a positive impact on the future of food production.


Available Positions

Raspberry Sorbet

Product Manager

Full time / London UK

Pink Cream

Senior Software/AI Engineer

Full time / London UK

Fruits and Vegetables

Full time / London UK


To attract the best, beyond pay and benefits, culture and ways of working form the foundation of who we are at Satis. We have 10 core principles:


Be yourself

stand up for what you believe

Fruits and Vegetables_edited.jpg

Act as an Engineer

Plan, solve problem in pieces, achieve high goals

Picking Grapes

Be a problem solver

Specially for customers, you are here to help, help them in a way they feel and understand

Sliced Avocado

Act with Integrity

both internally and externally

Fruits and Nuts

Think like a scientist

Have critical thinking, for your ideas and others. Don't be defensive, be curious

Pile of Oranges

Be a Learner

Self-evaluate, learn and grow

Fresh Apples

Be entrepreneurial

Be optimistic, aim to create and shoot to build.


Win & Lose as a Team

Support individuals to overcome obstacles. Engage in principled debated to reach better solutions

Playful Oranges_edited.jpg

Enjoy the Journey

Play is accepted and encouraged

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