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Our Products Kitchen Intelligence analyses cooking and packing processes from live data and gives actionable feedback to staff in real time. An effective plug and play overlay that does not require changes to packing or processes

Packing Order Accuracy
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Packing Order Accuracy

AI assistant that reduces packing time for each order while increasing accuracy by guiding employees step-by-step through the processes. 

A more comprehensive operation with with lower staff effort. 

  • 25% higher speed of service

  • 40% less mistakes

  • 10% labour Idle time on peak hours

Cook Assistant


Line Cook Assistant

AI assistant that supports cooks in real-time as they prepare food and nudges them if they have made an error or forgotten a step/ingredient. 

  • 300% Faster onboarding new staff & items 

  • 20% less complaints. Missed or Wrong

  • 5% higher speed of service. Lower number of staff in kitchen

People Anaytics


People Analytics


Understand how labour is deployed and utilised 


Seamlessly analyse every shift of work, every month, at the store level, to understand planned vs. actual utilisation.

Insight generation for layout or staffing optimisations

Concrete measurement of the impact that process and store layout changes deliver

  • 20% Labour Optimisation Idle time on peak hours kitchen of the future Kitchen of the Future Digitised Kitchen of the Future will offer a whole range of additional
use cases bespoke to individual enterprise brand needs.

Drive thur.png

Drive Thru Optimisation

  • Increase throughput at peak times

  • Improved speed and accuracy

  • Match right order with right car


Quality and Consistency Check

  • Automate product availability

  • Ensure quality and consistency

  • Optimise processes and costs


Hygiene, Compliance, Safety

  • Systematic H&S compliance

  • Minimises labour time on compliance tasks

  • Automated record keeping

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Speed of Service

  • Streamline order processing

  • Optimise task scheduling

  • Increase speed of service

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Delivery & Coordination

  • Automate order fulfilment schedule

  • Increase speed of service

  • Reduce cost per delivery


Inventory Management

  • Automate supply chain management

  • Reduce food waste

  • Improved profitability

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